Hi, this is Joyce. Watch this video to learn the first secret to learning English.                                   

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Rule #1


Listen to English Every Day


You must listen to the sounds of the English language and be able to hear the individual sounds before you will be able to speak English well. You must practice listening to the sounds of English. If you cannot hear the sounds of the English language and the individual words you will not be able to make the sounds or the words yourself. Listen to a native speaker speaking English at a speed that you can understand. You don’t have to listen for a long time but you must listen to language that you can understand about 60 percent of what is said. Even if you can’t say the sentences the speaker is saying, but you can understand around half of what is said, you will begin to learn English. It will not help you to watch a movie or listen to a radio program, if you cannot understand most of the words – or around 60% of the words. That would not be an efficient way of using your language learning time. So if you listen to a speaker who is just a little bit beyond your ability to speak English, you will begin to develop your language in a natural way. Try to understand the ideas that are being communicated. Think holistically and don’t worry about understanding every word. Listen to the phrases and whole sentences…listen to the sounds you hear. Where do you find a native speaker to listen to? You can find a native speaker on the English As You Go website. Listen every day to a native English speaker. It does not have to be a long time…just 15 or 20 minutes every day. In fact research shows that shorter daily sessions produce better results than sitting down to study just once a week for a long session. You can download English As You Go stories and listen everyday as you travel on the bus, or while you are relaxing at home in the evening.



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