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Nice To Meet You

Hello, my name is Joyce Martens. I have been an English teacher for over 15 years. I know what it's like for you to spend hours trying to learn English, and to waste 100's of dollars in the process. Learning English is hard, it's much more difficult than all the "gurus" make it sound. I have taught hundreds of students and I know what works and what doesn't work.

Start improving your English with 15 minutes every day.

What You Will Get When You Buy The Lessons:

  1. Understand everyday conversations
  2. Improve your spoken English
  3. Think in English
  4. Learn a new technique that will help you learn English faster
  5. Learn by listening to a level of English that you understand
  6. Learn the 5 secrets to learning English that will save you years
  7. Sound more like a native English speaker in your conversations
  8. Learn common idioms that you won't find in a text book
  9. Naturally learn English without memorizing
  10. Avoid the biggest mistakes people make learning English
  11. Learn on your own time
  12. Become a more confident English speaker
  13. Quickly and automatically think in English
  14. Avoid embarrassment
  15. Ace job interviews and get hired by English speaking companies
  16. Improve your public speaking skills in the English language
Why Choose These Lessons?

Why should you buy the lessons? We know that if you are serious about improving your English, the fastest way to learn is with a complete step-by-step conversation course. A complete English learning course that you can practice everyday will save you a lot of time and give you the greatest success.

There are a lot of free websites to learn English, but how quickly are you learning? Is it the best learning method? The best way to learn is by listening and practicing a level of English that you understand in a complete English learning course. If you are wondering what the top learn English courses are online, click here for a free review.


 About The Lessons

You can't learn to speak conversational English just from reading a text book. Watching English movies will NOT help improve your English speaking skills either. You must listen to a level of English that you understand.

Our Everyday English Lessons use the most common words and phrases in English. They are fun and entertaining stories that are interactive. This way you will practice speaking English out loud, while learning new vocabulary.

This learning method will help you reach a level of English you can speak confidently with native speakers.

What You Will Get When You Buy The Lessons

  • 24 fun and interactive audio lessons (MP3)

  • Each lesson is 20 - 25 minutes long

  • Bonus Ebook with ALL the lessons (PDF) 

  • You will be able to download these lessons instantly

    • How To Accuse and Defend
    • How To Agree or Disagree
    • How To Ask Someone To Repeat Themselves
    • How To Compliment and Criticize
    • How To Express Annoyance
    • How To Express Approval and Disapproval
    • How To Express Cause or Because
    • How To Express Certainty or Uncertainty
    • How To Express Conclusion or Assumption
    • How To Express Disbelief
    • How To Express Distress
    • How To Express Necessity
    • How To Express Preference
    • How To Express Probability
    • How To Express Reluctance
    • How To Express Sympathy
    • How To Give A Report
    • How To Give Advice
    • How To Give Directions
    • How To Make a Command
    • How To Make A Complaint
    • How To Make a Promise
    • How To Make An Apology
    • How To Say Thank You



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We are here to help you learn English. Start improving your English today

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There is no risk, there is no excuse.

Our desire is to see you succeed!

We look forward to teaching you English. Enjoy your learning. We believe in you!


Joyce Martens